Thursday, November 11, 2004

Rant on lost email 

I have become aware with alarmingly increasing frequency a particularly annoying type of communications break down. Today, we count on email. We believe that an email sent is received. In todays fast paced world, we expect that an issue has been moved "of our plate" and onto someone else once we hit send. Apparently, we suffer from a false sense of confidence. I have been communicating closely with a supplier for a project we are working on. Sometimes he receives the files I send to him. Sometimes he doesn't. I haven't received bounce messages. The reason I know that my assumption that what I sent has been received is false is when I call to follow up on why I haven't heard his response... the answer is that he hasn't received mine.
I wonder if I have been blacklisted (or more precisely my ISP). How do I figure this out? Well, first I checked to confirm there was a problem. I learned today of two other incidents of email not arriving today - Most annoying, was when I went to call into the conference call that I had confirmed on the 4th of November - by email, only to learn that my confirmation had never been received ARRG!

What takes the cake is that I sent two emails to myself within 2 minutes, AND ONLY RECEIVING ONE BACK.

Googling the problem proved basically fruitless (What should I search for - lost email) the closest I came up with is this article about the authors own frustrations with failed email.
How do I learn what is broken?
How do I get it fixed?

Wednesday, November 03, 2004

The Power Within - coming to Montreal February 18th 2005 

I attended a seminar put on by the same promoters last year in Toronto. What a great event. The line-up for the Montreal session looks very powerful. If it is anything like the event in Toronto, my head will be reeling with all the practical learning offered. If you are interested, let me know, we can go together (and maybe get the group discount).

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