Thursday, April 14, 2005

I made the world a better place today, did you? 

When you woke up today, what did you want to accomplish? Did you succeed?

Yet again, this is a thought inspired by Mitch. In Live Generously , Mitch writes about the notion of creating value for others day in and day out. That is powerful.

Some people do this ALWAYS. Some people do this NEVER. Some people do this by accident. I want to be someone who does this ON PURPOSE.

I commit to doing something wholly SELFLESS daily. Can you imagine if the entire population did this? Half? One tenth? Just YOU and ME? What an impact we will have.

As simple as opening the door for someone, as complex as donating a kidney. You decide.

April 17th to 23rd is Volunteer Action Week. If you aren't prepared to do something everyday, do something, once. Help someone.

Need to find a place to volunteer? Try The Montreal Volunteer Bureau or call your local CLSC:

"The CLSC RenĂ©-Cassin boasts 165 volunteers who contribute nearly 5,000 hours a year by volunteering for challenging and rewarding work in a dynamic atmosphere. The CLSC has jobs to fit everyone’s needs. For an appointment, please call Ricki
Goldstein, Coordinator of Volunteer Services at (514) 488-3673, local 351 or Marie-Berthe Lefrancois, Assistant Coordinator, local 354. Give back to your community. You will be glad you did."
(If you speak to Ricki, tell her I sent you).

By the way, when I woke up this morning, I decided to write this. Help me change the world. Commit one act of Living Generously today.

Monday, April 04, 2005

Interchamber Event - June 2, 2005 

I am involved in organizing this spring's interchamber event for the cultural chambers of commerce of Montreal.

The notion of raprochement and learning about other communities fascinates me. If you are in town, and available, I look forward to seeing you there!

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Friday, April 01, 2005

Chronic Pain 

I have been talking more and more with people who have problems that there appears, after investigation, that there are no solutions for.

This is most acute in the area of chronic pain. An enlightening article was written in Elle magazine.

The article sheds light on just how challenging it is for someone with this type of problem to lead as normal a life as possible.

Congratulations to those who overcome the huge obstacles in front of them each day to be as productive as they can be.

Thanks to kiki for the article.

What is wrong with my blog? 

See all the empty white space at the top of my blog? Know what I did to get it there and how I can remove it? Please tell me.


They're back! 

The mysteriously cancelled at the last minute Power Within is coming back to Montreal on July 8th.

I had previously blogged about this. I was at a Power Within day long event in Toronto and it was incredible. If you have any interest in growing personally, this is a great way to kick yourself in the butt!


'Plan B' has been approved in Canada as an Over the Counter medication. Which means that it is as now as easy to buy this as it is say, vitamins, or condoms. It will be interesting to watch as public outcry ensues. Canadians, will undoubtedly cite "choice" and "life" as rallying cries.

"ECP is not an abortion pill. It blocks the possibility for pregnancy by preventing ovulation, by interfering with the joining of egg and sperm, or by altering the lining of the uterus to prevent an egg from implanting."

Scenarios 1&2 are clearly prophylactic. Preventing a fertilized ovum from implanting, is not so cut and dry. It is prophylactic of pregnancy. It is not prophylactic of conception.

Can't wait to hear all the shouting.

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