Monday, July 27, 2009

Knitting for a good cause 

Time to revitalize my blog.

I haven't been faithful to this blog, and I haven't really given it much thought. Until recently....

I keep my twitter for business updates, I am on Facebook (too much) and I have a blog for work as well. There have been a couple of things which have come to mind which don't fit well in the fora above.

I tried to find online mention of this worthwhile project, but found nothing worth linking to.

I wish I knit - but figure I can do the next best thing and pass on this project to the people I know. If I am lucky QoD will re-publish - or hopefully knit 1 or more hats.

Channah Koppel, a former Montrealer now living in Israel, started a grassroots knitting project called Chicks with Sticks. They hand-knit hats for IDF soldiers serving in cold areas such as the Golan.
The project has proved to be successful, but at the same time, they are trying to get a wider range of coverage as well as support. What they are asking for, are for people to participate by knitting hats of their own for the troops. Below you will find their pattern of choice as well as contact information.

Pattern A: Knit on Two Straight Needles:
Loosely cast on 98 stitches and work back and forth in K2P2 rib as follows:
Round 1 (right side): K1, [K2, P2] until one stitch remains, K1.
Round 2 (wrong side): P1, [K2, P2] until one stitch remains, P1. Repeat these 2 rounds until work measures 9.5 inches / 24 cm, ending with a wrong side row. Shape crown:
Row 1: On right side, K1, [K2, P2tog], K1. 74 stitches remain.
Row 2: P1, [K1, P2], P1
Row 3: On right side, K1, [K2tog, P1], K1. 50 stitches remain.
Row 4: P1, [K1, P1], P1
Row 5: K1 {2tog), K1. 26 stitches remain.
Row 6: Purl
Row 7: K1, [K2tog], K1. 14 stitches remain.
Row 8: Purl
Row 9: K1, [K2tog], K1. 8 stitches remain
Break yarn, leaving a 20-inch / 51 cm length. With a tapestry needle, thread the yarn
through the remaining 8 stitches (pull tight) and then sew up the back seam using mattress stitch (to see an example click on "mattress stitch", scroll down to "Finishing" and then select "mattress stitch" for a short video demonstration.)

When you hat’s done mail it to:
Channah Koppel
POB 3081
Efrat 90435

Should you have ANY questions at all please do not hesitate to contact,
Rosanne Bernard at rebelknitter@gmail.com
Channah at channahk@gmail.com


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