Tuesday, January 18, 2005

New York Times is running a piece on The Free Iraqi blog. I found Ali's blog while using blogger's "next blog" feature. I found the article in Seth Godin's blog.
I will comment a little more later, but what fascinates me:
1) Seth seems in dire need of a tinfoil hat, I don't believe that Ali is a CIA operative
2) I just noticed Seth's addendum - so I am a little less miffed, but what about bringing together some social networking - trust rings for blogs, I know someone who really exists and this is there blog....
3) ...

Thursday, January 06, 2005

January is Alzheimer's month 

Here is a resource to help become more aware. Found this bit of info from Health Canada.

Question forum on Women's Health Matters

Sunday, January 02, 2005

Blackened Tilapia - Yum ( I cooked it) 

With my wife sick in bed all last week, I had the occasion to cook some dinners. Ok, mostly left overs and restaurant food. Of the meal I actually prepared, I found this recipe for blackened fish. Wow! Real simple. Real tasty. I can't wait to taste it on chicken too!.

PM (preventative maintenance) for lower back pain 

Just last week I was telling my masseuse that I was going to get into Pilates to strengthen my core since my back was bothering me so much. Apparently that won't help. This article suggests that instead of working the core, it is simply back strength that is the key. What is the trick to back strength? The "Volvo" technique. Basically lie with the top half of your body hangin off of something (like a table) - don't forget to have someone hold down your legs. The excercise? keep your torso horizontal for as long as you can.

There is an alternative, lie on your back and hold your upper body at 30 degrees.


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