Friday, February 06, 2004

Mitch Joel and Twist Image are outstanding.

They are leaders.
They are innovators.
They are motivators.
They are a catalyst for change.

Most impressive, & least obvious about Twist Image is they way that they convey PASSION about the work.

No only do they show their passion but they share it. It is impossible to work on a project with Twist Image and not become MORE passionate about what you are working on with them.

This doesn't happen by accident. It is embedded in their philosophy and approach. It is never about "doing it" or even "doing it great". It is always about doing it REMARKABLE.

That strategy makes them REMARKABLE.

What makes them OUTSTANDING is their approach. Even as a supplier they exude leadership in a project. In itself, this is admirable... what makes it exceptional is they do not lead from in front (pulling), nor do they lead from behind (pushing) - they lead from beside. They inspire and foster growth and make their clients want to be REMARKABLE....


Twist Image fosters growth - within the company, for their clients and business partners and for the entire community surrounding them!


"You need more sales and more customers. You need remarkable marketing and
communications materials and strategy. Being very good is not good enough.
Very good is bad. Talk to me about how to be remarkable."

Twist Image is a multimarketing studio that can be found at www.twistimage.com 514-987-9992

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