Wednesday, March 24, 2004

Guest Lecture

I had an awesome experience this evening. I was invited to guest lecture in a class for science students at McGill University.

What surprised me the most, was the amount of time required to prepare a 2 hour talk.

Further to an observation by one of the students, I realize that one of the analogies I used is incorrect. I had talked about goldfish being limited in size by the size of the environment. Technically, this is true. However, from the research I have done, it seems the maximum size is two feet. The image I used showed a much larger fish - it was likely koi and not a goldfish. My bad.

I enjoyed hearing about the student's projects.

In the event any of the students in attendance read this, I would welcome any feedback or topic suggestions for future talks. In consideration for your time, I will be giving a pair of movie tickets to one random respondant. Please include your mailing address in your feedback email if you would like to receive the tickets.
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