Monday, April 19, 2004

How can I help?

On Friday, I got a telephone call from a lady looking for disposable gloves. Looking in the phone book, she found MedExtra.

Obviously, we do not deal in gloves, but I know someone... I arranged for a donation of disposable gloves. I ended up speaking with Mme Bergeron, the director of the organization.

She had quite an impressive story to tell. The organization services roughly 100 families, takes care of the kids, teaches the parents & makes sure there is food (they haven't got the resources to put ENOUGH food, but at least there is food).

On the subject of enough, Maison Adrianna is funded enough to keep the heat on throughout the winter. They turn off the heat at night, and in the morning, in the rooms they take care of the kids, they put on extra heaters.

Mme Bergeron's story is impressive, she has been doing this for 20 years. She has adopted 4 kids along the way. She has helped 4 generations of people secure what is basically necessary to live.

I asked what her "wish list was"

I am going to think about how I can address some of these needs. Any ideas would be welcome.


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