Monday, September 06, 2004

The Cost/Benefit of going to JT Market vs. Loblaws 

The Cost/Benefit of going to JT Market vs. Loblaws might be roughly par...

The problem with this equation providing you see the objective cost/benefit as roughly par, is that a large segment of society has placed a premium on convenience.
We eagerly pay more for convenience.

My grandmother went from the chicken butcher to the meat butcher to the fish market to the grocer to the produce stand (she didn't smoke and her husband was a florist).

My mother visited various supermarkets to take advantage of the advertised specials of the week.
I go to Loblaws (or Esposito if I need bagels).

As a treat, on occasion I will go to market - to buy a bushel of strawberries for jam - for example.
And then, for anachronistic fun, I will take my family for an entertaining outing to go apple picking (join us on the 19th of September).

Which incidentally is how my granparents aquired their food prior to moving to the big city.
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