Monday, October 25, 2004

Inspiration - From a Motivational Speaker 

Just back from hearing Andy Hill speak on leadership. I have previously referenced his top ten list.
Thanks to Mitch for the "heads up".
Some interesting tidbits that I learned
"Simple is not necessarily easy"
"Arrogance does not equal strength"
"Leadership is (an extension of) authority and not power"
"The team with the best players wins"
"Demonstrate, Imitate, Correct, RepeatRepeatRepeatRepeat"
"Focus on what you can control, the outcome takes care of itself"
"I am working on that (area of improvement) and find I am a bit better"

I find myself with a question. Why/How do we learn and grow?
My 3 1/2 year old son has learned a tremendous amount. At the outset he learned by the stimuli that we (mostly his parents) presented to him. We took that as an enormous responsibility and were very sensitive to what and how he was exposed to things. As time progresses, his sources of input expanded - day care educators, peers, media, and now, more and more, himself. Jamie has a natural curiousity that I hope I play a role in nurturing and he is always eager to learn and understand. He has invented games (most memorable a finger game similar to "hello thumbkin".
I hope that he avoids one of the key challenges that I faced, namely maintaining the eagerness to learn. EVERYTHING. I don't remember when I stopped being motivated to learn (or if I ever really was motivated to learn) the information put in front of me. Not to be confused with my endless fascination with learning even esoteric information about things that strike my fancy. For some reason I don't perceive enjoyment in learning things for other people's sake. Or better, I am too short sighted to realize that in fact I was learning what other people put in front of me for MY SAKE.
How does this tie in to leadership? I see leadership as a growth enterprise. A leader is constantly expanding abilities, skills, understanding, knowledge. I am frightened somewhat by what impact my lacksidasical attitude towards learning might have on my intention to grow as a leader.
Recently I had the humbling opportunity to explore with a friend some very difficult questions about his future. I admire his insight into self. I hope that I can find similar strength (herculian) to not only HONESTLY figure out where I want to be, how to get there but, as my friend did, identify what I need to affect change over in order to arrive at my destin(y)ation.
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