Wednesday, December 15, 2004

Top 20 things to learn by the end of high school 

In his blog Seth Godin listed 20 things that a third grader should learn by the end of high school. I had to read the list three times before I believed that networking was not on the list. I will give benefit of doubt and chalk it up to oversight.

Coincidentally, I was talking with my wife today on a similar topic. We are starting to look at elementary schools to send our 3 year old son to in September 2006. How do you start? After racing to an open house this afternoon, we decided that we would list the key factors we felt were important and rank them, then evaluate the different options on these factors. Easy enough... what are the factors? I have come up with a few (in no particular order)

- Cultivating imagination
- Functional billingualism (important here in Quebec)
- Strong academic development
- Jewish education

What other factors are relevant? Stay tuned, I will update you on the ranking.

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