Friday, February 18, 2005


An old friend of mine William Abecassis was written up in the Montreal Gazette today. (If you aren't a subscriber look here).

I say "old' because I remember in the late 80s when he was building PCs in his basement - from components. I was impressed then, and am now.

William's company LogisticScience has come out with an intelligent predictive agent for brand awareness success called Brandemics. The metrics that this creates will make it easier to spend branding dollars with confidence of success.

Mitch has been talking about Google Ads importance.

I'm reading Malcom Gladwell's Blink . "Thin-slicing" is a concept that Gladwell introduces about the perceptions we make outside of our conscious mind that lead to instinctive or gut reactions that more often than not turn out to be right. (Jack Welch wrote about this in another great book - Straight from the gut.

Seth Godin and word of mouth marketing also come into play...somehow.

I have an impression that there is an overall connection. Maybe it is a thin-slice itself?

The point is:

1. Brandemics can emulate the evolution of a brands awareness,
2. We are subject to influence that we are unaware of in thin-slicing,
3. Marketers are aware of 1&2 then they can predict what the most responsive/brand building hot-buttons are for their product
4. Marketers can create widespread exposure to the hot-buttons through bzz and viral marketing


6. Caveat Emptor!)
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