Tuesday, February 01, 2005

Seth Godin picked up on Mitch Joel's blog comment on this article in the Montreal Gazette.
First, well deserved kudos to Mitch. I know that his passion for all things, business, community, leadership, etc, is tremendous and genuine. It is nice to read about.
Second, Seth's blog is titled "Seth Godin's riffs on marketing, respect, and the ways ideas spread". More kudos to Mitch - he is ALL that. I wonder if Seth saw how deep this runs in Mitch. Read the article.
Marketing - Mitch sees his community involvement as a business driver.
Respect - Mitch embodies respect. He listens, pays attention and nurtures.
The way ideas spread - 2 things - 1) Mitch establishes the givers get paradigm - the newspaper picks it up and the idea spreads. 2)Ssubtle humour here on Seth's part, as he is enabling the idea spreading.

Mitch Joel is a true giver who helps elevate those around him through his passion for what he does as well or better than anyone I've ever met. His commitment to delivering excellence to his clients is reflected in the work that comes from Twist Image, the firm he is a partner in. Thanks to Mitch, I am elevated.
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