Thursday, March 03, 2005

Treo 650 

What I want for xmas
Treo 650 The only thing missing it seem is wifi!

TransitionAl was right to point out some WIFI add ons that (one expects) would enable WIFI on the 650. However, thus far there are no drivers that work for any of these add ons that work with the 650 - the closest is a user hack that may/may not work - as the disclaimer states. And has the added benefit of disabling bluetooth.

I can't believe it is so hard to create MY smartphone dream
1) Cell phone (GSM)
2) PDA
3) Palm OS (preferable)
4) Wifi

Why doesn't this exist yet? Oh yeah, the cell carriers don't want people to use VoIP on their WIFI enabled phones instead of chargeable minutes. ARRGH!
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